Nylon Beat 

Case: Digital Print, Illustration & Graphic design

For Nylon Beat's Mä Haluun Olla Nylon comeback tour.

The prints were adapted for both set design, tour merchandise, as well as placement prints for clothing, as seen at the Emma Gaala 2018, and summer festivals across Finland such as Himos Juhannus, RMJ and Tahkon Juhannus.

 With iconic hits such as Syytön and Rakastuin Mä Luuseriin, Nylon Beat was Finland's ultimate 90's girl band. 

For Nylon Beat's "Mä haluun olla Nylon" comeback tour, we combined elements from Nylon Beat's original look and the beloved 90's- fringe, neon, psychedelic florals and in-your-face girl power- and created a fresh version for the 2018 Nylon Beat comeback tour.

Print & Womenswear collaboration by Sanna Naapuri & Mirkka Metsola.


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